Sam James Coffee Bar started in 2009.

The goal was simple: open a top quality coffee shop, that’s fun to hang out in, and offer a great cup of coffee at a price that makes it easy to be a regular.

A departure from complications, SJCB is a simple coffee shop, where the quality is obvious the moment you walk in, and the people involved can be genuine and enjoy making coffee without compromises.

We stick to a classic menu,  and have grown into a local brand name in coffee with
5 locations across Toronto.

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The decision to start roasting our own coffee in 2013, took us to new heights.
Sam James Coffee started small, and as response to our coffee grew, so did we.

Roasting has since grown to a full scale operation, with wholesale partners city-wide, and at select shops across Canada.

We go the distance to source fresh coffees from around the world, roast daily, and deliver to SJCB stores, wholesale partners, and direct to you through our online store where we ship worldwide.