Our approach to roasting is like this.
We’re a small company. We offer a small menu. We focus entirely on quality.
We source coffees that are in season and roast coffee to highlight its natural sweetness, depth, and body. 
We think coffee should be sweet! Not sour, earthy, smoky, or grassy. 
We search for coffees that meet our standards and our customer’s standards. 
We roast in small batches, hand sort for defects, and we taste test it.
We do a great job. We do it consistently. We do it daily.


Our approach to sourcing raw green coffee from farms around the world relies on the expertise of qualified brokers and farm inspectors.We recognize that our strengths are in roasting and serving coffee, and choose to work with brokers who specialize in their field, and know what to look for at the farming, harvest and import phases of the process. 

Our brokers have extensive experience both on the ground at farms, and in their warehouse maintaining quality control and equitable purchasing standards. Their expertise aids in creating a sustainable relationship between not just the buyer and seller, but also between the land and the harvest, enabling the producer to increase quality and yield year after year, while earning more $ for their conjoined efforts. 

We would also like to acknowledge that while we do not pay the licensing fee to display a FairTrade trademark on our bags, all of our coffees are purchased at prices above FairTrade. For more information on our sourcing, please visit our brokers website where an archive of transparency reports are available on all of our coffees. 








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